Facebook newsfeed had been filled with a parade of throwback photos of friends and their moms. I found myself at a loss looking for an old photo of me and my mom. Growing up with my dad, a known photography-enthusiast, I remember how much I disliked posing for photos. Talking about regrets, I guess not taking enough photos (of myself with friends and family) would be one of them!

However, it is never too late to start now! Just like most things in life, the sooner we take actions, the less likely we will lament over the “would of”, “could of” and “should-of”.

I spent a day and half before Mother’s day Sunday running around town with my dear friend Cynthia to pick up décor materials for a Mother’s day gathering. It’s our first official collaboration. Taking our toddlers out while trying to get work done was a challenge. Shall I say, “we were so brave!” Cynthia’s 2Y6M Noah and my 2Y10M daughter Annya play so well together that we all had a blast (in our own way)!

Can’t wait ‘til our next gathering…!

最近Facebook的新聞版充滿著母女合影的復古照片~忽然發現自己跟媽咪好像沒有太多合照 (想起來不可思議 畢竟我老爸很愛攝影)!  記得我小時候是多麼不喜歡照相  現在想起來有點後悔呢(哭)

不過~現在開始多多入鏡可是永遠不嫌遲滴!正如生活中大多數的事情,越早採取行動,就越有可能實現!  更可避免那些不必要的感嘆 (早知如此何必當初之類的話)

今年的母親節前夕,則是與我親愛的 美女媽咪朋友Cynthia一同尋找材料作為母親節聚會的裝飾。這是我們第一次正式合作! 各自帶著我們兩歲多的孩子們出來  跑遍各處還真是個挑戰呢    只能說「我們很勇敢!」 Cynthia 2Y6M的小諾亞和我2Y10M女兒Annya 常常玩在ㄧ起 也為了我們這次的Project 添加不少樂趣


祝全天下的媽咪們 健康快樂! 讓歡笑充滿着我們的家!一起加油吧 :)